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David Spear, Principal

Entry photo example We recommend that you get DLS Traffic Engineering LLC involved in your projects at the early planning stages. Our traffic feasibility study will determine if acceptable site access is available and if possible mitigation measures are feasible. This information will allow you to quantify the on-site and off-site improvements early in the project. The data developed in the feasibility study is directly applied to the Traffic Impact Study and/or Office of the State Traffic Administration Certificate Application(s).

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Project Experience

Retail Clients

  • Dunkin Donuts, CVS, KFC, Boston Chicken, Taco Bell, Texaco, Exxon, Sunoco, Cumberland Farms

Shopping Centers

  • 250 Albany Turnpike, Somers Crossing, Litchfield Hills Mall, Marandino's Plaza, Stop & Shop West Hartford

Commercial Developments

  • Hotels, Distribution Centers, 383 Middle St Business Park, Shaw's Cove


  • 50 Fowler Rd, Fieldsone Hill, Age Restricted Housing


  • Public and Private, Elementary to College

Roadway Improvements and Signal Design

Peer Reviews

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